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The Sudden Death In The Young (SDY) Case Registry

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The Sudden Death in the Young (SDY) Case Registry gathers information to learn more about young people who die suddenly and unexpectedly. Babies, children and young adults up to age 20 are included in the SDY Case Registry. It has been hard for death investigators to find the causes for many sudden deaths in young people. It has also been hard for public health agencies to count the true numbers of these deaths. This means that doctors, scientists and families really do not have a good understanding of how often these deaths happen and what causes these deaths, which makes it more difficult to prevent more deaths like these. The SDY Case Registry will gather and store information about sudden child deaths to help:

  • Count the number and types of sudden deaths in babies, children and young adults up to age 20
  • Try to understand the causes for the deaths
  • See if some children are more at risk of dying than others
  • Find ways to prevent these deaths

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2019 sdyregistry map of participating states and regions